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Testimonial e-mail from family of a Reavis High School student whose heart condition was identified at the screening sponsored (in part) by Bobbo's Fund for Young Hearts this past September 2017... 

​​Good afternoon,

Jonathan's father and I, along with the rest of our family, wanted to reach out to you all and give our sincerest thanks and let you know how grateful we are that Reavis participated in the Young Hearts for Life screening. Had Jonathan not received the heart screening we would not have known that he suffered from Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW) and the outcome for him and our family could have been very different.

On September 14th we received the scariest call a parent can receive. A nurse calling to let us know that Jonathan's EKG showed some abnormalities and that he needed to be seen by a cardiologist. After receiving that call everything moved pretty quickly. On October 12th Jonathan was admitted to the hospital for a catheter ablation procedure. The procedure went well and the cardiologist informed us that Jonathan should be back on the soccer field in no time!

We would like you all to know that from the first visit to the cardiologist to him being seen by the discharging cardiologist at the hospital, one thing has remained constant...the look of surprise when the doctors found out how we knew there was something wrong with Jonathan's heart. Every time we told the story that we had no indication there was anything wrong with his heart and, that we only found out because of a heart screening provided to him at school, aside from being surprised they have all told us how lucky we were that his condition was diagnosed early on and before he suffered any of the serious symptoms associated with WPW.

Jonathan told us the story about the Reavis student who passed away and that he is the reason that Reavis now participates in this screening and our hearts go out to that family. Their loss and pain are unimaginable. Words cannot express how thankful we are to the family, to Reavis and to the Young Hearts for Life program. It's because of all of you that Jonathan's heart is now healthy and that he will be able to continue enjoying being a 15-year-old with no limitations. He will be able to re-join his beloved soccer team and, in time, follow his dream of being a Navy Seal.

Again, we send you all our deepest gratitude and ask that you please share this email with anyone we missed that should also receive our gratitude. We would also ask that you please share our story and this email with the family of the Reavis student who passed away and let them that we will be forever grateful to them and their involvement in the heart screenings at Reavis. Also, in the spirit of paying-it-forward, please let us know if there is anything that our family can do to contribute to this program.

With Much Gratitude,

Jorge and Maribel Mendoza (and the entire Mendoza Family)
Testimonial e-mail from family of a Reavis High School student whose heart condition was identified at the screening sponsored (in part) by Bobbo's Fund for Young Hearts in September 2015...